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Chelsea is a difficult child with a wild imagination. One day, she receives an ominous message from her bowl of cereal. Four letters: K.I.L.L. Chelsea wants her cereal - and she won't stop until she gets it.


chelsea: trinity kaylani sieling

mom: shelby handley

dad: alex petrovich

written and directed by: shane r. preston

produced by: roman gubin

executive producers: shane r. preston & krystin leigh
director of photography: morgana mckenzie
edited by: jeffrey sarkodie

music by: jamar d. powell

sound design by: rosángela hernández gómez

post sound supervisor: james m findlay @ audio process
production managers: mariam zeina & james dolan
production design by: krystinleigh
script supervisor: shawna edward

story editors: olivia loccisano & guillermo de la rosa    
1st ad: steven czikk
gaffer: douglas cunningham
1st ac: justine_mccalla & vy nguyen
2nd ac: stephanie blaquera
key grip: james douglas ho
location sound: jonah blaser
boom opertator: aidan rhody
sfx / hmua: shantelle canzanese
production assistants: jonathan brito & daryna karatniuk
food stylist: bonnie kravitz

cereal box design by: taryn wilson
stills photography: yianni demetriadis & vitalii tovchiga

colorist: kevin wu

color post producer: alison maxwell @ artjail

vfx supervisor: nick kostomarov

vfx producer: mariia horelenko

2nd compositing: oleksandr saltykov, michael shunin, igor kalushkyn & denis topchuk
location: kim goodman
catering: coo cafe

equipment provided by ontario camera

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