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Five players participate in an online streaming show, which is a deadly game of "Russian Roulette". For each misfire, the player is rewarded $100,000, however, you can get the winnings only in two ways: by either getting a bullet or reaching the final round. What brought the five to this deadly game? What makes you put a revolver to your temple and pull the trigger time after time? The participants will reveal this in their minute-long confessions.  



mikey: liam atlas

jacob: sean dwyer

clementina: patricia hegedous

shawn: daniel christian jones

peterson: daniel montlouis

host: paul massey


directed by: roman gubin

written by: max marukh & roman gubin

produced by: maria norris, roman gubin & max marukh

director of photography: denys svoiak

1st ad: umur coskun

script supervisor: daryna rymareva

1st ac: gaurav virkar

gaffer: willy minh le

key grip: naz andrukhiv

production designer: josh turpin

production coordinator: james dolan

mua: inna litvinova

editor: shane preston

sound mixer: adam laycock

stills photographer: anita zvonar

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