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Liz has only one goal in life, one burning desire: to win the heart of the man she loves. Despite their differences—she’s nerdy and shy, he’s older and built like a Greek god—they begin dating and all is well at first. Soon, though, he becomes distant. His initial passion for her has cooled.He’s no longer interested. Nothing Liz says or does can change his mind. When she finds him with another woman, Liz’s world comes crashing down. A fateful accident, a chance encounter,a reversal of fortune change the lives of all three characters forever. Liz gets what she wished for, but not quite how she expected.



liz: jaclyn vogl

man: tj cheslea

girl: rima anani

angel: louise lupo

written and directed by: roman gubin
produced by: roman gubin, julian lomaga & edward gubin
original idea by: alena lis
director of photography: julian lomaga
camera operator/gaffer: keenan lynch

1st ac: andrew park

2nd ac: scottie smith
key grip: george lomaga

production assistant/still photographer: troy black

production assistant: keenan goncalves
editor/colorist: julian lomaga
sound designer & composer: james m findlay

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